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Who is watching your back?

United Chiropractic Association

The UCA seeks a transformation in health care, from a focus on disease to a focus on wellness. The UCA promotes the highest standards of ethics and patient care, contributing to the health and well-being of chiropractic patients.

The UCA provides public relations, professional and educational opportunities for the chiropractic profession, funds research into principle centred chiropractic and health issues, and offers leadership for the advancement of the profession.

For further information or any queries you may have please contact Melissa Sandford at the UCA on 01752 896 223, or email at

Note: If as a patient you have a complaint in relation to the standard of the care you have received in one of our Glasgow Chiropractic practices then please contact the Managing Director of Glasgow Chiropractic, Matthew Small. If you are not satisfied with the outcome then Glasgow Chiropractic has a complaints procedure as part of it’s membership with the UCA. Please contact Melissa Sandford, Manager of the United Chiropractic Association. Their role is to investigate, and if the compaint is upheld, to propose a remedy. They have a limited role in proposing a remedy which can include ex gratia payment, reduction or waiving of fees or other proposals for remedying the complaint.

Scottish Chiropractors Association

The Scottish Chiropractic Association (SCA) was formed in 1979. The SCA has grown rapidly and there are now 60 chiropractic members practicing in Scotland and 140 associate chiropractic members located in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and various other countries around the world.

To be accepted as a member of the SCA, each chiropractor must have graduated from an approved chiropractic college involving 4-5 years of full time study. Each member must adhere to the Association’s Code of Practice and any breaches in the Code are thoroughly investigated by the SCA ethics committee. All SCA members are covered by professional indemnity insurance. The Association arranges regular seminars and post-graduate lectures to provide ongoing education for its members.

British Chiropractors Association

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA), founded in 1925. The BCA was a founder member of both the European Chiropractors Union (ECU) and the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and is the sole UK representative on both organisations. The BCA aim to promote, encourage and maintain high standards of conduct, practice, education and training within the profession in the UK. The BCA also supports and encourages the development of chiropractic research projects, supporting the progression of the profession in the UK and world-wide.

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