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ChiroJobsUK is the recruitment branch of Glasgow and Newcastle Chiropractic, the largest provider of chiropractic care in Europe.

We are currently recruiting both experienced chiropractors and recently qualified chiropractors.

Do you want a retainer? Do you want quality training? Want to be able to afford the things you want? How about a new car? Seminars included? Instant social network? Do you need to learn how to run a practice and make a real living? Do you just want guidance and support? How about your own in-house coach…. at no cost? Our training groups meet about once/wk. Do you want it all? Maybe you want more?

We provide:
  • Retainers from £500+ per week commensurate with experience
  • The most attractive percentages – as high as 90% (only if you are prepared to work hard and can get to over approx 80 patients/wk) Do you want a car included in that package?
  • Negotiable contracts – tell us what you want!
  • Quality training – we will teach you what works
  • Excellent facilities – including digital x-ray, postural assessment software, and state of the art Chiropractic equipment.
  • Experienced, well trained support staff, including marketing
  • Clinics in Scotland, Newcastle and the Midlands (early 2009)

We provide ALL this in one package

We are the UK and Europe’s largest Chiropractic group. 15 years of operation, 21 clinics, 45 chiropractors, over 60 support staff. We have the experience to know ‘what works’, and the best people to train you. You just need to be enthusiastic, and willing to work as part of the group.

Download our customised job form at and send it to Linda Smith, or Matt Small

It’s ok to go for it when you fill in the form!

All applications and enquiries will be held in the strictest confidence. (Except the really funny ones… like the guy who asked for a Ferrari in his package – Nice try!)

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