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(TOG) 60 - 70% of people have abnormally functioning feet.

Your feet are the foundation of the normal balance and alignment of your body. Structural problems in the feet, even the slightest misalignment of bone and muscle, can alter the way that you walk and cause many different problems. Symptoms can include localised foot pain, bunions, hammer toes, pain in the arch of the foot and heel pain. Less obvious symptoms may involve leg pain, knee pain, problems with the hip, back pain and even neck pain. Your feet support your entire weight.

Faulty foot mechanics can alter the even distribution of your body weight, whilst standing or running, and create an increased load on joints and muscles elsewhere in the body. Foot orthotics help to correct any imbalance by exerting gentle, constant pressure to stabilise the bones of your feet and bring muscles and bones back into proper alignment. An analysis of your gait with the assistance of computerised technology may make up a part of your consultation and thorough physical examination.

Glasgow Chiropractic utilises Gaitscan TM technologies to assess your feet and to help us understand how the use of prescription orthotics could help to restore your proper foot functioning and relieve any discomfort that you may be experiencing. TOG Gaitscan is the most technological advanced gait analysis system available today. It comprises a plate covered with thousands of tiny sensors that accurately measure the distribution of pressure through the sole of the foot, both standing and walking.

The information from these sensors is then processed through the specialised computer software to provide 2D and 3D visual representation of the pressure under the feet and a detailed analysis of your gait. This aids your chiropractor in evaluating foot function and determining your need for orthotic therapy. Should orthotics be indicated for you, the wealth of information from the gait scan and the chiropractors evaluation of your foot mechanics are combined to produce an individual prescription which is used by the Orthotic.

The orthotics are generally made of flexible, moulded thermoplastic (typically a few millimeters thick) and fit comfortably in the shoe. Their is a wide range available, from those for everyday use to special orthotics for sports enthusiasts or proffesional athletes.

For more information on foot orthotics and the TOG Gaitscan system utilised by your Chiropractor just ask at your local Glasgow Chiropractic practice and they will be happy to assist.

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