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The knees have the most unbelievable task of bending through 180 degrees between the two longest bones of the body and yet have very little support from the muscles (unlike the hip joint). For this reason, they rely on strong ligaments to keep the two bones together and the cartilages (menisci) to make them fit tightly together when the knee is fully extended. The wide range of movement means that the knee will be prone to wear an tear both at the kneecap and at the main joint (arthritis). When the knee starts to bend, the slackening of the ligaments makes the cartilages vulnerable to trauma. This is the main reason why footballers have so many knee injuries.

Arthritis is by far the most common problem of the knees and cannot be reversed. However, a good understanding of the mechanical strain on the knee can help us reduce the discomfort from it. This could come from the foot and ankle or the pelvis and the hip. Your chiropractor is well equipped to discover the pattern and advise you accordingly.

The cartilages are there to give strength to the knees. If they become injured, the knee will not be so strong but unfortunately, any loose bit must be removed to avoid worsening the condition. Recent surgical advances such as arthroscopy offer an invaluable help damaged cartilages. But again, improving the mechanics and support to the knee with chiropractic care will ensure maximum strength and support and help prevent further deterioration.

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