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Backs and beyond


Soft tissue tension or injury almost always accompany subluxations. Massaging soft tissue problems is a great way of complementing chiropractic adjustments. Without addressing soft tissue tightness or trigger points, patients may still experience pain and the tension could in fact pull the vertebrae out of alignment again!

Both massage and chiropractic are great ways of maintaining a healthy body and should be included in every person’s health care regime along with exercise and good nutrition.

Regular massage can ease chronically contracted muscles and fascia therefore improving muscle group balance and promoting healthy blood and lymphatic circulation. The body becomes more capable of dealing with daily stress and less prone to injury and subluxation.

Massage promotes relaxation therefore leaving the patient less likely to suffer the negative impact which stress can have on the body. Blood vessels are dilated therefore reducing blood pressure and red and white blood cell count are increased boosting the body’s immune system.

In summary, both Chiropractic and Massage offer natural, hands-on, drug-free techniques of healing the body and preventing ill health.

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