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Glasgow to Turin

glasgow to turin

Glasgow Chiropractic are very proud to sponsor one of our patients, Dorothy Paton, family, in a momentous challenge to raise awareness and funds for the worthy cause of the Cystic Fibrosis.

Dorothy first came to our Muirend practice in October 2006, after several years of more or less permanent lower back pain, or at least discomfort. She had attended chiropractors before but only for short term treatment. After some weeks of chiropractic care Dorothy’s problem seemed to be decreasing. She enjoys her visits to Glasgow Chiropractic and Dorothy says that she feels certain that Chiropractic is now a permanent part of her life.

The challenge!!

From July 5th to 19th Dorothy’s husband, Donald, and the team will be cycling between the twin cities of Glasgow and Turin to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. That’s 1116 km through Scotland, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy. We will cross the Alps over the 2469m St Bernard’s Pass.

Two of the group have a special reason for raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. Donald’s grand-daughter and Laura’s niece Abigail is nine and lives with CF. As well as frequent visits to hospital for intravenous injections, she requires twice daily physiotherapy sessions and medication to help her in her fight against CF. Please give generously and help find a cure.

Meanwhile Donald, and Abigail’s dad, Christopher, are cycling 370 Km from Barrow in Furness to Govan in Glasgow to Rosyth in Fife on 23rd to 26th May. This will link the three northerly sites of BAE systems and also call in at the Barrow, Glasgow and Edinburgh offices of Jacobs. Christopher is an engineer with Jacobs who have major contracts with BAE in Barrow.

Many thanks for your support - Donald, Laura, Robin, John, Gerardo, Saul and Abigail’s dad Christopher.

cystic fibrosis

About our charity : Cystic Fibrosis Trust
The Cystic Fibrosis Trust funds research into a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, the UK’s most common Life-threatening inherited disease.

Dates for the diary:

  • Great Scottish Run Sept 7th
  • Glasgow Chiropractic Golf Championships Sept 14th
  • Ayr Gold Cup Races Sept 20th
  • Glasgow Chiropractic Open Day Oct 4th

UK’s largest Chiropractic open day - 4 October 2008

Do you think your spine is important to your health?

Glasgow Chiropractic is holding a Chiropractic Open Day on Saturday July 5th. The Open Day is one of Europe’s Largest Chiropractic Community Awareness Programs ever held. All 21 locations of the Glasgow Chiropractic group are opening their practice doors on the same day for the community and offering FREE Spinal Consultations between 9am and 2pm.

What can I expect?

The first thing that you will notice about our Open Day is that you will be greeted by our friendly staff in a relaxed atmosphere. A chiropractic practice is a space where you can relax from your busy day and focus on one of the most important things - you and your health. We will have lot’s of healthy food and educational information on the day.

What is a FREE Spinal Consultation?

A Spinal Consultation with your local chiropractor at Glasgow Chiropractic will ascertain if Chiropractic care can assist your specific case. The consultation lasts approximately 15 - 20 minutes and you can discuss your case with your local chiropractor. Your chiropractor will explain chiropractic, the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system, and do some examination procedures such as assessing your posture. Posture is an excellent assessment tool as posture is the window to your spine, and your spine is the window to your health. If the chiropractor feels that chiropractic can help your case, they will need to do a more thorough examination procedure on another day. This will be offered at discounted rate of 20.00, normally valued at 50.00.

Is poor posture damaging to my health?

If you have poor posture, then it is likely that there will be areas of stress and strain present in your spine. When the individual vertebrae of your spine misalign through the stress of poor posture, this is called Vertebral Subluxation. Subluxations put interference or pressure on the delicate nerves that exit the spine. These delicate nerves control the function of your body through the central nervous system. It is imperative that we look after our spine, starting with our posture, to ensure that we have a healthy spine and nervous system for life! Your chiropractor can assist you with achieving excellent posture through specific chiropractic techniques and core strength protocols such as Pilates and Yoga. Do you have good posture?

What can a Chiropractor help with?

Chiropractic may help a number of different conditions and ailments such as low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, head aches/migraines, pins and needles in the arms and legs, scoliosis, whiplash, frozen shoulder, fatigue, asthma, arthritis, and potentially many more symptoms people suffer with on a day to day basis. Your spine is the mainframe of your body and when it is properly aligned, works in harmony with your nervous and muscular systems. However, everyday life can put a strain on this careful balance creating a number of symptoms and pain. Chiropractic may help. Are you looking after your spine?

What do I need to do to book a time for the Open Day?

Booking a time for the Open Day is easy. Please call our FREE phone number on 08081435450. Let the staff member know which practice you would like to attend and what time. You can also just drop in on the day but we always recommend that you reserve a time to avoid having to wait. We expect to be very busy.

We look forward to seeing you and your family at our Open Day. With 21 locations, we have a practice and a chiropractor suited to you.

Autumn Fun Day 2007

Due to the success of our Summer Fun Day last year we are welcoming the transition into Winter with an Autumn Fun Day.

This day is a day for the families of our patients, friends and staff - a chance to get together and play some Autumn games.

Activities include: 5-a-side football competition (each practice enters a team and vie for the days trophy), bocce and kids games.

A scrumptious BBQ will also be available to help enjoy the day in style.

The Great Scottish Run 2nd September 2007

A cool day which was perfect for running and some fast times, just a slight challenge with the wind picking up in the last 2km. Our Glasgow Chiropractic team had some great results with:

Fastest practice going to Falkirk

Fastest CA - K. Moon (Pollokshields)

Fastest male patient - E.Clarke (St Vincent place)

Fastest female patient - M.Anderson (Falkirk)

½ marathon participant - J.Cross (St Vincent place)

Well done everyone involved and some fabulous efforts with some of our patients participating in a ‘fun run’ for the first time.

Glasgow Chiropractic Golf Day Aug 2007 - results:

Well a fabulous day was certainly had by all on Sunday August 5th at Esporta Dougalston and the endless rain certainly couldn’t put a dampner on what ended up being a very hotly contested event. Each practice hand picked some excellent golfers who were a testament to chiropractic care and the game of golf. The course, testing at the best of times, put the 17 teams (68 players) through their paces. The East Kilbride team, headed up by Dr Matt Smith, were keen to defend their title. But in the end the West Lothian Team stormed home winners, consisting of – Dr Chris Gilchrist, Ian Robinson, Alistair Dunleavie and Alan McGechie. Congratulations West Lothian!!!

The Newcastle practice came in 2nd, and Newton Mearns and head office tied for 3rd place. So well done to all involved – and thank you to our sponsors and volunteers on the day too! And make sure that you keep up that golfing in preparation for next year folks as it will be even bigger and better again – and no rain next time!

June 23rd - 3 Peaks Challenge

Glasgow Chiropractic have assembled a team of patients and chiropractors to tackle the challenge of all challenges.

The 3 Peaks challenge requires the climbing of Britain’s 3 highest mountains in 24hrs - Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafel Pike in England, and Snowdon in Wales.

The team are also raising money in the process for the Chest, Heart & stroke Foundation. Good luck guys!!!

June 17th - Men’s Health Forum 10km fun run

Glasgow Chiropractic entered a team of 18 men (chiropractors, patients and staff) into this years run.

A great day was had by all with the new course and some cracking times set.

June 9th - Bearsden/Milngavie Highland Games

Glasgow Chiropractic were proud to be the major sponsor of these games and what an amazing day it was. You couldn’t have asked for better weather and the games were absolutely bustling.

Glasgow Chiroparctic put together a health tent on the day which contained chiropractic naturally, massage, gyms and acupuncture.

For those that missed out this year it is an absolute must on the calendar next year.

Refer to the photo gallery for more snaps.

June 1st - CA Pamper Night at the Wellness Centre

Our CA are a hard working bunch so we decided to treat them for the evening with a pampering session at our new Wellness Centre.

Massages, facials, goody bags, demonstrations, drinks and nibblies meant for a great night had by all.

A great chance for the CA’s to catch up on all the happenings in a relaxed atmosphere and learn a thing or two about maintaining healthy skin and the benefits of massage.

Refer to the photo gallery for photos.

May 13th - Women’s 10km Fun run

What can we say but that this event keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

Glasgow Chiropractic entered a team of 70 women and they were all treated to one of our famous picnics at the completion of the run.

Refer to the photo gallery for pictures.

Chiropractors tackle the Great Glen Way for Charity

Great Glen Way

I first became aware of the Accord Hospice when I came to work in Paisley. One of my young patients who had become increasingly ill, and sadly died, had been cared for in the Hospice. I suppose, it was really only then, when I saw for myself the dedication and caring that was shown, I realised what a benefit the Hospice was to the whole community. These places desperately need ongoing funds and donations to continue their work, and to this end I decided that this would be an extremely worthwhile cause for this clinic to support.

The Accord Hospice has become a recipient of donations from me and the clinic whenever possible and when friends suggested a walk of "The Great Glen Way" - for FUN! - I thought that it was a good opportunity to raise some funds.

The Great Glen Way

Time: 9.00am

Place: Queen Street Station, Glasgow

Destination: Fort William

The journey began . . . .

After a very uneventful journey by train (I was sleeping!) we arrived at Fort William ready and raring to go . . . and the rain came on. Thank goodness not for too long and we didn’t really see it for much of the walk. Most of the trip was glorious sunshine, but being Scotland we had the occasional hail stones, but nothing a waterproof poncho couldn’t handle.

The scenery was breathtaking and the views spectacular and I got to see parts of Scotland that you wouldn’t normally visit as a tourist. However there were times when I thought "What am I doing?" but the thought of raising money for Accord seemed to make it all worthwhile.

To summarise, 77 miles; 5 days; numerous blisters and aching knees saw us entering Inverness - our final destination where we made it in time just to watch them ripping out the final marker point to announce the end of the Great Glen Way. (They were taking out the old one to erect a new one). However we did manage to get the last ever photograph with the old sign - a historic moment, don’t you think?

Upon my return to Paisley, I saw that the girls had been working hard collecting more donations for the cause, and Glasgow Chiropractic agreed to donate a generous £300 to make the total up of 765.

I can only thank my colleagues, patients, family and friends for their kind donations and support - I don’t know if I could have done it without them.

Dr Karen Kulevski - 05/09/2007

Arctic Dog Sled

dr tracey ho - arctic dog sled

Dr. Tracey Ho from our Ayr clinic embarked on an arctic dog sled expedition at the end of January this year to raise money for Enable Scotland.

Dr. Tracey and 7 other fund raisers were given their own sled and team of 4 huskies to take them on a 250km round trip from Alta, a small town within the Arctic circle of Norway.

The team travelled through thick snow, lakes, rivers, and up hills in temperatures as low as -36. The biggest challenge was to sled through a snow storm on the last day of the expedition.

The team returned to Alta in good health except for a minor shoulder injury. A challenging, rewarding and memorable experience was had by all.

Tracey put herself through this challenge partially for an amazing experience and partly to raise money for the very worthy charity of Enable Scotland. Enable Scotland is a charity fund helping people with disabilities gain an independent and better quality of life.

Glasgow Chiropractic were also very proud to donate 1000 towards Dr Tracey’s fundraising efforts and Enable Scotland.

Uphall Diamonds - Winners

West Lothian Chiropractic (part of the Glasgow Chiropractic group) would like to send their warmest congratulations to the Uphall Diamonds as they won the season cup recently. Final score 2-1.

West Lothian provide chiropractic care to the team and are one of the sponsors. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Chiropractic takes to the ski slopes!

A group of our Chiropractors are currently attending a training seminar in Verbier, Switzerland with Dr Mark Postles. Dr Mark Postles is renowned for his Chiropractic seminars and forward approach to Chiropractic philosophy and practice management. We look forward to receiving an update on the trip and what the gang have learned. No doubt some skiing was also on their agenda’s, swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The Glasgow Wellness Centre is now open!

Two of the city’s leading lifestyle companies have joined forces to help improve the health and well-being of Glaswegians. Glasgow Chiropractic and Distinctions Health & Beauty have combined to offer the following services in the Glasgow Wellness Centre located at 572 Dumbarton Road, Partick.

Services on offer:

  • Chiropractic
  • Massage
  • Beauty treatments
  • Nutrition & products
  • Pilates
  • Acupuncture
  • NLP sessions

Any patient currently under care in Glasgow Chiropractic practices are eligible to attend and receive 25% off their first treatment of choice. Contact your local Glasgow Chiropractic practice for more details or call the Glasgow Wellness Centre on 0141 339 8333.

Acupuncture now on offer to Glasgow Chiropractic patients!

Acupuncture was developed more than 2,000 years ago in China and is based on the traditional Chinese medicine theory that in order for us to be alive and have optimal health, an energy or life force called Qi, flows through invisible meridians or channels in our body. Glasgow Chiropractic now have this service on offer.

Dr Tracey Ho B.Sc, M.Chiro, M.App.Sc (Acupuncture)

Consultation hours:

Tuesdays 2pm - 6pm

Saturdays 9am - 12pm

Level 3, 41 St Vincent place, Glasgow.

Call 0141 222 2919 to make an appointment or ask any questions regarding this service.

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