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NLP - (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP was co-created by Dr Richard Bandler, from the field of hypnosis. NLP allows people to extract the strategies of others and use them to train themselves. NLP is a great place to start your own personal development as the skills are powerful, easy to learn and user friendly.

Dr Clayton Perks, the founder of Glasgow Chiropractic and a Chiropractor himself, has been training with the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler, for the past 8 years, 2 years as Richard’s personal apprentice. Dr Perks can see the benefits that NLP brings to people’s health and well-being through retraining their neurology for optimum neurological function. Dr Clayton Perks holds specific training sessions with Glasgow Chiropractic for those interested in taking their health to the next level using NLP.

Chiropractic aims to take care of the physiological component of optimal neurological function and is greatly complimented by NLP as it takes care of the psychological and emotional aspects of health.

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