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"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food." - Hippocrates

Do you believe that you are what you eat?

Is your diet conducive to a healthy lifestyle?

What influences you to eat what you eat, and drink what you drink?

We live in a world full of advertisements. These advertisements are in all mediums such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers and the list goes on and on. A lot of the advertisements that we see on a day to day basis are to do with food products. These food advertisements are strategically designed to influence our choice on food, so we will buy that product, regardless of the nutritional value of the product.

Do you make your food choice based on the nutritional value of the product?

What is the nutritional value of MacDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Why are these fast food groups a reward for a lot of family’s children?

Our kids, the future of tomorrow, are not born craving MacDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken, or just junk food in general, it something that they are taught. Unfortunately, in a lot of instances we are taught these bad habits from an early age meaning that these unhealthy nutritional habits are ingrained for most of our life.

Now, these junk food companies are smart operators and are major sponsors of a lot of our major sporting teams and personalities. We see our role models wearing their logos, doing adds promoting their products, and we think it must be ok! It must be healthy if that professional athlete is eating that product. Right? In a lot of instances the answer is wrong!

Do your remember the TV adds for Nutrigrain Cereal with the surf lifesavers, now that must be healthy! WRONG! Full of sugar. It sucked me in but now I know better! Most of us are influenced by the advertisements we see. The key is to make educated decisions on your food consumption. Understand what you are eating.

This is where your chiropractor can help you. Nutrition is one very important part of a healthy lifestyle, just like receiving regular Chiropractic checks from your chiropractor is integral to achieving optimal health. Eating water soluble foods such as salads and vegetables are essential, drinking 2 to 3 litres of water a day, cutting down on sugars, salts and stimulants such as caffeine.

Looking at food as fuel for your body, rather than just a habit and eating for the sake of eating. You fill your car with fuel when it needs it so that you can get from A to B. Your body needs nutrients from your diet so that it can perform specific tasks for you. Without the right "fuel", the body will not work as efficiently as it could. Choosing the right food groups as a lifestyle, rather than a diet or a fad, will give you and your family amazing health benefits for life. Your body will respect you fueling it correctly.

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