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Similar to that of Chiropractic care Pilates focuses on posture which makes the two quite complimentary therapies. The way we use our bodies is reflected in our posture. Actions such as sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen, carrying heavy bags on one shoulder, playing sports and driving, are all repetitive actions that cause stress to the body and hence result in us favoring particular muscle groups. This creates muscular imbalances and changes in muscle function in our body which then can have affects on the way we move, stand, and even think.

Pilates is a series of exercises that can correct these imbalances, while improving posture, alignment, and joint stability - and when combined with Chiropractic care are even more powerful. The exercises create long, lean, supple and strong muscles, focusing on the underused stabilising muscles, or core muscles to support and stabilise the pelvis and spine. Because the Pilates method works on these chore muscles so precisley, the results are, better muscle tone, improved posture, and increased flexibility.

Pilates works beautifully in conjunction with your chiropractic care from Glasgow Chiropractic, as it helps support and stabilise the joints by returning muscles to their optimum length and correct function. If you are looking to take your chiropractic care to the next level, help your body maintain those powerful chiropractic adjustments for longer, and improve your posture, muscle tone and flexibility, then Pilates is an ideal exercise program. Every exercise works on control and precision, which avoids any strain associated with other fitness programs, making it safe, effective and highly beneficial for all ages, fitness levels and body types.

The body awareness people gain from combining their Chiropractic care with pilates allows you to take the good postural habits you learn from both your Glasgow Chiropractor and pilates classes into your everyday activities.

Pilates will be offered from various Glasgow Chiropractic practices - initially the St Vincent Place practice, West End practice and West Lothian practices will be holding introductory classes.

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