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We have found through our experience that chiropractic patients who attend workshops gain a greater understanding of health related issues, and people tend how to get more out of their care when attending these workshops.

Chiropractic workshops are also a great forum for asking that burning questions you’ve always had on health?.........many great discussion occurs on health in these settings where not only the patients gain from the experience but so do the chiropractors. Most of our practices run Wellness Workshops on a weekly basis and some of the regular workshops include:

  • Subluxations - Causes, Correction and Prevention
  • Posture Perfect!
  • Your Spine - Your Lifeline
  • How to increase your energy!
  • Nutrition - The Basics
  • It’s all about performance
  • And many more!

Ask for your copy of the chiropractic workshop schedule at your local Glasgow Chiropractic practice, and check the relevant practice page on this website for the day and time of your workshop.

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